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GST Refunds

Need Help Claiming Your GST Refunds?

You’re In The Right Place.

Although it’s hard to appreciate any tax, the business community has particular respect for the GST/HST. Why? Because it promotes exports and allows companies to purchase significant assets tax-free. There are many reasons why you could be eligible for HST/GST refunds, such as:

Chances are, you also qualify for this benefit. So if you’d like to get the process started, reach out for expert help from a former CRA auditor.


Did You Receive An Audit Letter About GST Refunds?

Take It Seriously, But Don’t Stress.

The government knew that GST refunds would attract fraudsters even before GST went into effect. Fraudulent GST refund claims would only mean embarrassment and bad press about the government getting duped out of taxpayer money.

So to avoid this, it created the GST Refund Integrity Program. If you get a letter from this department, know that it’s just a check, not a full audit. The verifier has five hours to analyze your tax filings, contact you, collect info, deny or adjust the refund claim, write a report, and upload everything.

In many cases, the verifier sends a form letter, which can be very intimidating.

But as unnerving as a letter from the CRA can be, Refund Integrity officers rarely do field visits. However, they sometimes ask for too much information or are hard to contact.

That can mean delayed cash flow and stress. And that’s something no one wants to deal with — especially when you’ve got a business to run.

The sooner you get help from a tax specialist, the sooner you’ll receive those long-awaited GST refunds. So book your free consultation appointment today.


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