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What Is The New Canada Digital Sales Tax (DST)?

The new sales tax for digital goods and services goes into effect on January 1, 2022. DST services help you prepare for the change and avoid hefty penalties.

This new sales tax aims to ensure businesses that function mainly on digital platforms, like music streaming services and social media channels, pay their fair share.


Who Needs DST Services?

The new digital sales tax in Canada will predominantly affect large-scale domestic and foreign companies that provide:

The tax on digital goods would apply solely to businesses that generate $20 million or more from Canadian consumers. If you’re unsure whether the law applies to your business, book a free meeting, and I’ll help you get on the right track.


Is Your Business Compliant?

DST Services

You may have already taken steps to prepare for new DST regulations, but are you 100% certain that your business is compliant?

The Canadian government left businesses little time to prepare for the new digital sales tax laws. This time crunch poses significant challenges for foreign companies, who face issues such as:

DST services can get you up to speed and ensure compliance to avoid future headaches. As a sales tax expert, I’ll help familiarize you with rules and tax rates for non-resident vendors providing goods to Canadian consumers.


Reach Out About DST Services 

I help foreign businesses looking to engage with Canadian consumers to determine their tax responsibilities and build tailored and effective tax strategies.

As a CPA and former CRA auditor with over 25 years of experience, I know Canada’s tax laws like the back of my hand. 

Reach out for a free DST services consultation to get started.


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